Hi, I’m Ben

I’m a web developer living in Georgia now with an associate’s degree in web design and development.

I love technology whether it is from Microsoft, Apple or where ever. I am a YouTuber trying to find his voice. I hope to one day start a tech startup to solve some problem that humanity has and maybe use YouTube as a launch pad for it.

I don’t blog here very often but I’m hoping to change that in 2017. Some of the things I plan to blog about are some of the same things I plan on vlogging about. I plan on making product reviews of new tech that comes out and maybe a few gameplay videos thrown in the mix.

If you’d like to keep quicker contact with me just follow my twitter. @TheBenSanders.

Site History


  • Gave in and tried using the default Jekyll theme until I could learn SASS.


  • Moved website from WordPress to Jekyll and switch full time to DigitalOcean for hosting.


  • In February of 2015 I experimated with Jekyll for the first time and made a template. But back then I didn’t fully grasp the power of Jekyll and was just learning. You can check out an old post from WayBack Machine here.


  • Registered BenSanders.me